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Medical Billing Coding, Charge Entry, Posting, Account Receivable

Patient Services

Healthcare Services -- Revenue Cycle Management -- Patient Services

We capture patient's demographic information accurately to.

  • Submit Clean Claims to various insurance carriers
  • Reduce delays in claim submission [we maintain a turnaround time of 2 business days for claim submission]

Insurance Eligibility and Verification

We verify the Insurance Eligibility and Coverage to.

  • Get paid better to reduce denials on coverage issues
  • Improve Customer Relations


We coordinate with insurance carriers to get pre-authorization identity details to manage receivables better and collect dues on time from insurance carriers

  • Receive timely Pre-Auth / Pre-Cert Id details from Insurance carriers
  • Get paid on time

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Patient Support for Billing Queries (Phone/Email)

We offer support to patient queries regarding billing statement through phone as well as email