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Medical Billing Coding, AR Calling, Charge Entry, Posting, Account Receivable

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services - Revenue Cycle Management / Medical Billing Services

Velan is a premier offshore provider of healthcare revenue cycle management services to physicians,hospitals,managed care providers and billing companies in the US. The Revenue Cycle Management directly affects the cash flow for the healthcare providers. The long cycle of obtaining revenue from payors is one of the major causes of higher costs along with unpredictability of payments.

Velan's Revenue Cycle Management practice ensures minimizing errors and denials to facilitate quick turnaround times. The focus is on improved cash flow and decision making. Velan has the expertise and solutions that improve revenue cycle metrics. Improved metrics produce accelerated cash flow which allows providers to improve patient care. Velan offers the following service lines in Revenue Cycle Management :

  • Eligibility and Verification
  • Charge Capture
  • Payment Review
  • Follow Up on Outstanding Claim
  • Pre-Authorization / Pre-Certification
  • Claim Generation & Submission

Velan's Value Proposition

  • Less than 30% of total account receivable for more than 30 days old
  • Only 15% billed charges are considered past due
  • Reduce the AR over 90 days to less than 10% of the total AR
  • Improved revenue and cash flow

What Can Velan Do for You?

  • Accelerated Cash Flow: Your claims are coded, validated and submitted within two business days. Our diligent follow-up with insurance companies ensures quicker revenue for your practice.
  • Increase Your Patient Base: You have more time to give quality care to your patients and build your practice.
  • Save Resources: We take care of all issues related to medical billing and free your staff to concentrate on other tasks.
  • Reduce Cost by Upto 40%: medical billing outsourcing can help you lower the costs associated with additional employees and office infrastructure. Eliminate downtime due to staff illness and vacation.
  • Reduce Rejected Claims: Our stringent quality checks ensure an accuracy level of over 98% in processing the claims.
  • Knowledge Retention: The business and process knowledge of your practice remains with us even if your staff leaves the practice. With the claims being processed on time, your cash flow remains unaffected.

Turnaround Time: With a dedicated team of professionals, Velan offers short turnaround time.

Data Security & Confidentiality: We at Velan understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of clients data. We have physical, administrative and technical safeguards in place to ensure data security and confidentiality.

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