How can I use Amazon S3 bucket to synchronize files and folders from a local Linux server to? AWS

You need the following two details in order to communicate with S3. Credentials for an IAM user with read-write access to an S3 bucket. A client such as bash’s aws-cli, Python’s boto library, and so on. Once you have these details, you are ready to move your files. You can move them from your Linux... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Use CloudFront to Serve a Static Website? AWS

The following steps below are to set up an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the S3 endpoint type as the origin. As the origin, use a REST API endpoint with OAI. 1. access restrictions. We utilize the Amazon S3 console to establish a bucket and upload the website files. Next, we’ll set up an Amazon CloudFront... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I use CloudFront to limit access to an Amazon S3 bucket? AWS

How can I use CloudFront to limit access to an Amazon S3 bucket? Amazon CloudFront is an Amazon Web Services content delivery network. Content delivery networks (CDNs) are a worldwide distributed network of proxy servers that cache content, such as online videos or other large files, closer to customers, boosting download speeds. Before you set... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to replicate Amazon S3 bucket across regions AWS

How to replicate the Amazon S3 bucket across regions? Amazon S3 is a storage for the internet. Amazon S3 is also called Amazon Simple Storage Service. Availability and durability are the key priorities. We need to ensure that data is available at any time and that stored data doesn’t suffer from bit rot, degradation or... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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