15 Nov 2023

What Are The Claims Denial Challenges And Insights For Healthcare Providers?

Claims Denial Challenges

The management of rejections presents substantial difficulties for healthcare institutions. By the end of the year, the time, money, and effort required to submit rejected claims and lost income add up and can result in severe economic harm. Denial management is crucial to your company because of this. The significance of denial management in the... Continue Reading Continue Reading

5 Oct 2023

Revenue Cycle Management: What Is The Roadmap To Maximize Reimbursements?

Revenue Cycle Management What Is The Roadmap To Maximize Reimbursements

The changing healthcare environment makes revenue cycle management rather illusive, as new laws and reforms have forced the sector to change and left many hospitals trying to maintain their income under a value-based care reimbursement model. Healthcare providers must have effective revenue cycle management (RCM) strategies in place since the healthcare sector is characterized by rapid change. Healthcare organizations... Continue Reading Continue Reading

30 Aug 2023

Why Should an Automated Medical Billing System Be Created?

Medical billing automation system

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, an automated medical billing system has emerged as a transformative solution for healthcare providers. This comprehensive guide explores the “how” and “why” of building such a system. By delving into the benefits, implementation strategies, and best practices, healthcare professionals can unlock a host of advantages. From streamlining administrative... Continue Reading Continue Reading

30 Jun 2023

How to Optimize Revenue Cycle Management in Health Care?

Revenue Cycle Management in HealthCare

Improve your financial performance with Velan’s effective RCM In the rapidly evolving and complex healthcare system, the revenue cycle process in healthcare also referred to as Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), holds paramount importance for healthcare organizations seeking to attain financial stability and profitability. The revenue cycle process entails a systematic sequence of steps that healthcare... Continue Reading Continue Reading

5 Jun 2023

The Crucial Role of Patient Insurance Verification in Healthcare

patient insurance verification

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where the intricacies of patient care intersect with the complexities of financial management, one vital process stands as a guardian of both quality care and a thriving revenue cycle: insurance verification. It’s the unsung hero, the diligent sentinel, and the unwavering gatekeeper of healthcare’s financial success. In an age... Continue Reading Continue Reading

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