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Key differentiators

Key Differentiators

Client Speak

Proven Track Record

Velan have served various verticals with 100% satisfied clientele, we have not lost a single client on account of poor delivery. This makes us to receive repeated projects from our long term clients. We have been growing at well above the industry average, with most of the growth coming from our existing clients.

On-Time Deliverables

We commit ourselves meticulously to meet the turnaround time of every job without compromising quality parameters. Stringent monitoring and measurement standards within the operations make us to achieve 100% on time delivery every time.


Velan operates at 75% of its plant capacity. There is scope to increase the resources to another 100% in a short notice. Our mission critical resources are well designed and installed to meet the expansion needs of the organization without compromising performance.

Operational ability

Our key strengths to meet the operational ability are:

  • Understating the client requirements to the best reach and to provide end to end solutions across the value chain.
  • Deriving work flow/production model to suit the project and delivery requirements
  • Competent and well training workforce for every domain expertise
  • Redundant infrastructure to consistently maintain availability, integrity and security of the information processed and stored.
  • Well defined policies to meet the industry standards.
  • Ability to recruit and retain highly skilled and qualified staff

Quality Assurance Process

We strongly believe that Quality does not emerge in one stage process; our following quality assurance mechanisms make us to commit 99.95% accuracy level in all our deliverables.

  • Rule Based Processing
  • Field Validation:
  • Double Pass or Special Pass (Key & Verify)
  • Central Repository Folder Structure or Designated Job Routing:
  • Customized Applications:
  • Feedback, Correction and Corrective Actions:
  • Documented Procedures and Records

Continuous Learning Program

We understand and believe only continual enhancement and value addition of process, peoples and resources will make us to retain in fulfilling dynamic industry changes and requirements of our clients.

Velan Continual Learning Program makes our staff to learn basic values in their life and priorities in work. Exercises and interactive learning programs make one to enrich their competencies along with current standards and practices in the industry. Continuous learning is the ability to learn new emergencies and to meet the change requirements in our operations.

Domain Expertise

We deliberately concentrate on select industries and develop process and methodologies to suit the requirements by our clients. We proactively strengthen our competencies in these segments by using best technology and leadership resources in the industry. Our focus is on developing and retaining the best talents to exhibit our expertise across all operations, which in turn benefits our clientele to have a competitive edge in their Businesses.