How to find the total number of email accounts on a WHM/cPanel server? cPanel / WHM

As a server admin, there would be situations to find the total number email accounts on your WHM/cPanel server. The below steps helps you to find the total number of email accounts on the WHM/cPanel server Login to your server using the terminal (Shell mode- SSH) and download the following script        ... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS Linux Distros? cPanel / WHM

WHM/cPanel is a very popular and reliable control panel for web hosting services. The WHM/cPanel is rich with features and very powerful GUI to manage web hosting services. To Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS linux distros Step 1: The first step for the installation is to setup the hostname for the server. The following command sets... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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