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Data Services - Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

Data Services - Transaction Processing

Velan offers a range of transaction processing services. We cater to needs across various verticals. We help our clients attain increase in productivity, efficiency and cost benefit. Our experienced team and well proven processes help our clients to acquire maximum benefit and increase in market share. We believe that customer success in business is our success. To experience such benefits we offer a no obligation free pilot work to evaluate our capabilities in terms of Quality and Turnaround time.

Some of our key Transaction processing services includes:

Accounts: A/c payable – Vendor Bill data capture, Statement reconciliation (or) Invoice reconciliation.

Invoice Processing: We undertake complete back office transaction and invoice processing for organizations. We have a qualified team that ensures consistent accuracy and domain knowledge to execute this processing.

The Process Involves: Receipt of Invoice, Verification of the receipts, Compare with the purchase, payout to parties.

Order Processing includes processing of application forms (both paper and electronic), information verification, authorization and confirmation.

Loan/ Mortgage Processing services involve information capture, verification of information on loan/ mortgage applications forms, and screening applications against predefined criteria.

Application Processing, Membership Processing: Service involve capturing information based on certain predefined criteria