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Data Security

Data Security

Velan understands the significance of securing customer data in all phases of its operations. We take utmost care to protect customer property not only in the product realization process but also in storage and logistics.

Velan adopts the following safeguards to ensure confidentiality, Integrity and availability of customer's data:

  • Physical Safeguards:
    • Manned Security Desk
    • Restricted Entry to Central Repository (File Server)
    • Lockers and Safe Vault
  • Administrative Safeguards:
    • Employee Background/Credibility Check Procedures
    • Termination Clearance Procedures
    • Periodic Compliance Audits
  • Technical Safeguards:
    • Firewall to protect intrusion and web security
    • Role Based Access Control across workstations
    • Encrypted data transmission
    • Antivirus Program