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Customer Support

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Customer Support

Customer support is a very essential component for any business undertaking, its process involves planning, organizing and delivering relevant information in response to customer requirements using fast and reachable mediums such as telephones & emails. A quality customer care helps an organization to win a stream of new customers and retain the existing ones. Velan has an unbroken track record in providing a complete turnkey customer relationship management program to get you the expected results. With a gamut of outbound as well as inbound customer service the company works to satisfy numerous prestigious customers round the globe.

Our Services and Their Features

At Velan we act as your Customer Relationship Manager. We track the buying patterns of customers, detect trends and accordingly tweak your products/services. Customer service is the face of your company it can make or mar your reputation in the market.

Why Velan?

  • We provide you a dedicated 24/7 outbound and inbound customer support service so that you can gain on customer loyalty.
  • Our team provides you 100% operational transparency, recording as well as assistance of professional and well-equipped associates.
  • We provide you a perfect blend of quality and excellent outbound and inbound customer support service.
  • We work towards providing best customer service, retaining the customers and sending them away happy to share their positive experience.