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Appointment Scheduling

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Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is the best way for organizing one to one meeting with your clients and sales teams. Proper appointment scheduling can ensure that your sales person spends his precious time in meeting only the best prospective clients out of the entire probable lot.

Our Services and Their Features

Velan uses dedicated online calendar to coordinate between the targeted customers and your sales team. Our appointment sales agents are always willing to serve your customers with the consideration they expect. We handle all your calls proficiently to provide best service to your customer. Our telemarketing professionals will work on your lead list and make persuasive sale pitches to thousands of targeted customers daily. Once the prospective customer gets convinced and is interested in your product and services then our telemarketing agents will set an appointment for your sales team to close the deal.

Why Velan?

  • We guarantee 99% uptime on all our services.
  • We ascertain 24/7/365 availability to ensure that you are in contact with your customers round the clock.
  • You get complete customer satisfaction and quality work.
  • We have clientele spanning across the globe, backed by multi-language support.