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"We have found Velan's Medical Billing Services to be exceptionally invaluable and has allowed our practice to concentrate on patient care as well as focusing on new services. The billing activities are done on a timely manner with little need for follow up on our part in the practice. We have been impressed with the professionalism, quality and responsiveness of VELAN and look forward to many more years of mutual success. They exceed customer service expectations and go the extra mile for us."
– A Neurologist From Maryland

"Velan has done an excellent job for my office, including medical billing services and report generation.Velan has been fantastic in their communication methods, are extremely organized, can work independently, and are able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. Velan has always been willing to offer their assistance and have performed exceptionally well in many aspects. Velan would be an asset to any organization seeking their services."
– A Podiatrist from Maryland

"It has been very helpful having you as our team member in India. I appreciate everything that you do for the office. Truthfully, anything you contribute behind-the-scenes allows us to have more time to interact with the patients every day."
– A Dentist from Texas

"Our Velan rep has always been responsive to our requests and they did all they promised. It was easy to do business with them and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve billing processes, increase cash flow, reduce accounts receivable balances and do so at lower cost and higher accuracy than might be possible with in-office staff."
– CEO of a billing company located in Mississippi

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work! We have a great team and I know together we will do wonderfully! Before Velan came on board, we were on our own and had fallen way behind. There are times a lot is thrown at you, but you all handle it with grace and dedication. We still have a ways to go, but I know we will get there with your help! We can't do it without you! Much appreciation!"
– A Billing Company from Ohio

WHAT A GREAT JOB EVERYONE IS DOING! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HARD WORK! Everyone is doing such an excellent job and you all need to be proud of your hard work! I would like to thank everyone for doing their part and going above and beyond your job descriptions and duties we need you too. I believe we are truly a success due to the fact that we have such a great team. I am so pleased with everyone's performance and I want to thank each one of you for your part to make this happen. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for "work well done"
– An Office Manager at a Billing Company

"They made a good job. We worked with VelanInfo over three years. They managed our customer support very professional and knowledgeable at a reasonable price. We would always recommend this company."
– Wolfgang, Aerosoft USA

"On another note, we want to thank you for your efforts on Job number 44440. This was a last minute rush job pushed on us by a client with an end of year budget issue. As you know, we normally don't like to throw last minute rush jobs at either our production group or our partners, but in this case it was either do the job or lose the money. Thanks to your efforts, we were able to successfully complete the project within the timeline. Please extend our thanks to your entire staff." – Jim, A document conversion company in California

" First, let me reiterate how much we appreciate our alliance with Velan, and the job that that your team continues to do for us in such stellar fashion.
As you know, we endeavor to allocate ( or re-allocate ) work to our various vendors based largely on their data quality, reliability, consistency, and turnaround.
We feel that you excel in virtually all those areas. Given that to be the case, we would like explore very quickly significantly increasing the regular volume of work that we send to you - likely by as much as you want... " – Nick, A Market Research Survey company in Missouri

" This is fantastic work, Ravindran. You, and everyone involved, did a wonderful job getting us to this deadline. I'm sure it wasn't easy." – Paul, A document management company in New York

"Hello to all. First and foremost thanks for all of your recent help and assistance. Bringing each of you on board has been a good addition to our team and we appreciate you ramping up to help with our needs. There has been a lot to absorb and I'd say it's gone pretty smooth considering our timeline and demands. Again we appreciate your support." – Bill, A leading provider of product content solutions in Illinois

"I feel compelled to send a message with regard to the accounting service you provide. More specifically the quality and quantity of work provided by VELAN. Anybody that knows me knows that I don't give compliments easily, but I must say you did a remarkable job with payroll as well !" – Assisted Living Facility client based in Florida

"Excellent team, did amazing work in a very short period of time. Looking forward to working with them on many more projects." – Financial consultant from New York.

"Very happy to recommend Velan. Fast, efficient, cost effective, communicative, on time and under budget. I'm VERY satisfied." – A Tax Accounting practitioner from Melbourne, Australia

"I would recommend VELAN to anyone needing their accounting services. As a former equity analyst who is very familiar working with financial statements and accounts. No mistakes. They took all our old (mixed up) invoices, statements, expense reports ...etc and placed them in a simple, clear and coherent financial statement that is updated regularly and they did it in record time. They always respond within 12-24 hours or less and when they do respond, its to tell us that the work has been completed. Great Job and we continue to use them as we consider them our partners." – Equity Analyst from Dubai, UAE

" You are really the best people we ever work with. You are our favorite because of the amazing quality of work you do. Working with you is a joy." – Cara Smith, Pure Incubation

"You guys seem you have a lot of knowledge on the security field I really want to keep in contact with you to achieve our goals." – Eli

"Velan is an outstanding company when anyone needs help with writing or editing scripts and installation of programs, scripts and other challenges faced by webmasters. We have used them on a number of occasions and the projects always came in on time and as agreed. We will use them in many future projects. Highly Recommended." -- Harry Pickett, CEO, Headland Financial LLC

"I've been fighting with this email issue for months now and you're the third company to attempt a fix. I'm just happy to have it up and running the way it should finally!" -- Carl Lowe (A satisfied client of our RMS division)

"Again many thanks. This step that we've just taken by having OpenBravo operable is crucial to the success of my business. It's such a relief .... " –– Eric Mousset