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Inventory Typing

Inventory Typing

Data Services - Inventory Typing - Get Started

  • A good quality digital sound recorder is used to create a sound file by the inventory clerk that is saved on the inventory office PC using software already provided with the recorder.
  • Clerk transfer the downloaded dictated Audio file from his local computer to Velan Server through Internet.
  • Velan exclusive Account Manager for the particular clerk/Inventory company will receive the dictation file and acknowledges the receipt.
  • The received audio files are taken up for Transcription and the dictations are converted into a structured report by using the template provided by the Clerk/inventory Company.
  • The typed reports are checked for errors by experienced Quality Controller before declaring fit for delivery.
  • The Quality Assured reports are accounted and transferred to Velan server through Internet from our premises and a status mail is sent to the Clerk/Inventory office about the report(s) transfer.
  • The Clerk/Inventory office secretary downloads or transfer the transcribed reports from Velan Server to his/her office computer for printing.

Highlights of this service offerings,

  • We have experience in processing Healthcare documents
  • We can convert from any source to required electronic format
  • We can understand different types of documents as per the federal and state laws.

We perform data entry for all HCFA 1500, UB 92 (HCFA 1450), ADA dental and prescription claims.