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Medical Billing Coding, AR Calling, Charge Entry, Posting, Account Receivable

Billing Services

Healthcare Services -- Revenue Cycle Management -- Billing Services

Coding of Medical Charts

  • Our certified coders ensures correct Procedure & Diagnosis Codes that are identified from CPT and ICD-9CM manuals on the principle of "Code as per the documented information".
  • Selection of appropriate codes helps our customers to get paid accurately for services delivered.
  • It also avoids the possibilities of under-coding or over-coding of reports which may further lead to loss of revenues. Training at regular intervals helps our Coders improve their skills, which in turn benefits our customer.

Charge Capture / Validation

  • We capture and validate the charges accurately through a team of experienced professionals.
  • We help our customers to submit clean claims.
  • We reduce the lead time of claim submission.
  • We reduce claim denials due to incorrect details.

We maintain a turnaround time of 24/48 hrs for capturing / validating the charges.

Claim Generation & Submission

  • We process electronic & paper claims.
  • We generate claims within permissible filing limits
  • We reduce delays in claim submission.

We maintain a turnaround time of 24 - 48 hours for claim submission

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