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Revenue Cycle Management - Process Flow


Healthcare Services -- Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure is the foundation of our business. The existing infrastructure allow us greater mobility and real time data access, and is adaptive, secure and allow us to run our business better, faster, and more efficiently.

  • We ensure that our workstation technology is current, secure, and available around the clock and around the globe.
  • Enhanced network monitoring via standard network monitoring tools.
  • Augmented call center capabilities resulting from the simplified design and flexibility of IP telephony.
  • Greater network-to-network and user-to-network capabilities.

Workflow Management Tool

We use our in-house workflow management tool to simplify the medical billing process internally.

Effectiveness of the tool

  • Client / Server application installed at desktops
  • Improves communication and information sharing
  • Measures, analyses and streamlines the productivity
  • Tracks files that we receive and send to clients for charges & payments
  • Used to analyze & call accounts, put reminders and send weekly reports to clients on the work we did for the week
  • Track productivity gains
  • Identifies appropriate follow-up step

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