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Outsourcing of Accounting and bookkeeping

Process Flow

Advantage Velan

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Financial Services - Process Flow

Established processes at Velan ensure that we meet the expectations of our clients consistently. Here is a brief overview of the process flow practised at Velan in carrying out accounting and bookkeeping services.

Quickbooks,Quicken,Peachtree,MYOB,Sage,EZI,Creative Solutions pictures

Receive source data from the client in the form of scanned documents or downloaded statements from internet and conduct an initial review. Respond to client on missing source, if any.

Perform necessary activities applicable to the client (listed below, but not limited to).

  • Check entries
  • Bank entries
  • Credit card entries
  • Reconciling bank accounts with software and credit cards
  • Reconciling even client's check books to software balances
  • Payroll processing

Review financials, both technical and conceptual, to ensure quality.

Deliver all necessary financials to clients with necessary comments and observations within agreed time frame through secured channels.

Respond to any feedback to meet clients expectations.

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