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PCB CAD/CAM Services


Engineering Services - Cam Tooling - Editing

Large number of DFM (Design for Manufacturability) actions has to be performed on various layers, such as signal, solder mask, silk screen layers to ensure productivity.

Some edit & DFM operations that we carry out are:

Clean Up

  • Legend Detection
  • Draws to Flash
  • SMD Attribute Setting
  • Line Unification
  • Redundant Line Removal
  • NFP Removal
  • Pad Registration
  • Sliver & Acute Angle
  • Exposed Copper Detection


  • Signal Layer Optimization
  • Solder Mask Creation
  • Line Width Optimization
  • Silk Screen Overlap
  • Power & Ground Optimization
  • Teardrop Creation (snow man)
  • Copper Balancings
  • Etch Compensate
  • Netlist Compare