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Market Research & Surveys

Market Research And Surveys

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Market Research And Surveys

Market research and survey is an important component of any business strategy. It improves the efficiency of sales and distribution by effective analysis of markets, services and products. Our expert marketing research services can help you identify opportunities and minimize the risks.

Our Services and Their Features

Velan provides you target market research service so that there is clarity of consumers' attitudes, experience and spending habits. We carry out several surveys for marketing research:

  • Research survey- research survey gives an exhaustive understanding of what you need to know. Our team undertakes telephonic interviews to extract the valuable information for your business.
  • Opinion surveys- opinion surveys are fruitful for the recruitment and management of human resources in companies. We extend our expertise in well-defined employee opinion surveys that include advanced web technologies, statistical techniques and software tools for quick and exact analysis.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys- Customer satisfaction surveys give us the feedback of what the customer is feeling about the product and services. Velan undertakes a broad range of Customer Satisfaction surveys for its national and global clients including Online Surveys, Email Surveys, Telephonic Surveys and IVR Surveys.

Why Velan?

  • Our market research and survey can help you turn an average telemarketing project into a vigorous B2B sales model with higher profits.
  • We collect and analyze detailed information including minute details about customers, market niches and different marketing programs.
  • We also guide our clients in making their new business strategies according to the provided information.