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Information Verification

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Information Verification

Delegating your information verification and gathering functions to a reliable call center service provider can help you on saving your precious time and money. Since the information related to customers/ clients needs to be frequently updated, it is better to let a reliable third party handle it. Professionals at Velan Call Center are highly skilled in gathering useful and important information from various sources.

Our Services and Their Features

Our in-depth information about competitors' strategies, segmentation and latest trends will assist you in drawing strong and relevant conclusions, thus aid you in making profit oriented decision.

We carry out the following services related to information verification

Third Party Verification: Velan is an expert in verifying phone sales through IVR or live agents. We carry out tele-sales verification, MIS reporting, reconciliation of sales and quality monitoring.

Insurance Verification: Velan has risen as a major player in insurance verification. We have a track record of assisting insurance companies in cross–checking facts, procedure available and organizing ruling, etc. thereby making decision making process easier. Employment Verification: Velan also offers effective employment verification services to small, medium and large businesses. Our trained professionals collect detailed information from current and previous employers.

Why Velan?

  • With us you can ensure the use of the latest technology devices and gadgets while conducting online surveys for gathering information as well as feedback over internet; all calls are digitally recorded and stored so that it can be retrieved later day when needed.
  • You can attain substantial savings in cost per transaction and delivery of fast ROI.
  • We ensure complete customer satisfaction and quality work.
  • We provide skilled and trained professional 24 *7.