Velan assists a Texas-based chiropractic solution company to implement an EMR solution in its operationsRevenue Cycle Management


The client was a prominent chiropractic solution company based in Texas focusing on treatment for pain and injuries.


The chiropractic solution company had an urgent need to revitalize their digital operations as they were insufficient, fragmented, and inefficient. The company wanted to accelerate its revenue by enhancing the legacy infrastructure to attract new clients and retain existing clients. Hence the company needed a comprehensive EMR solution from an experienced provider to satisfy their needs.


Velan decided to implement a strong digital record system with relevant automated processes to completely collect the patient's information. Velan demanded insurance eligibility at the start of the registration process to streamline the claim process. By consistently collecting user feedback, Velan customized the revenue cycle pipeline to suit the unique needs of the client.


The solution increased the efficiency throughout the revenue pipeline by 60% as the legacy infrastructure was revamped with latest tools. The entire process was streamlined and the bottlenecks and the associated time delay were reduced by 40%.The number of rejected claims were negligible and the number of cleaner claims were boosted by 70%.


The implementation process went seamlessly with constant communication among stakeholders. By implementing state-of-the-art automated tools, Velan streamlined the entire revenue cycle pipeline. Thus, associated bottlenecks were eliminated and the efficiency of the whole system was improved. Also, automated processes significantly brought down rejected claims and increased the revenue collected.


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