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Designing & Developing SharePoint Intranet Applications - Advantages

Posted by :Admin April 04,2018 Category : Sharepoint,Sharepoint

Being one of the most versatile document management platforms, SharePoint has evolved into an application with interactive features for Business Intelligence, CMS development, Performance Point services and Workflow generation. Insightful developers for sharepoint development services create custom built installations and support with this dynamic application.  Intranet Applications with SharePoint Platform Intranets journey, formerly known as the internal corporate network, over the last...

5 Steps to use Power BI Web Part for SharePoint

Posted by :Admin January 19,2018 Category : Sharepoint,Sharepoint

Power BI gives your SharePoint installation a much desired edge – useful insights and analytics that are as user-friendly & easy, as they are powerful. Microsoft’s team just kicked the usability up a notch by launching a web part to allow users easily embed Power BI reports into SharePoint! This post is all about exploring how organizations using SharePoint can leverage Microsoft’sPower BI Web part.We’re going to show you how to embed a Power BI app into a SharePoint...


Posted by :Admin December 21,2017 Category : Sharepoint

What’s new in SharePoint? Find your answers here. We’re going to quickly encapsulate the wondrous new additions unveiled during the recent SharePoint Virtual Summit. The guys at Microsoft are tirelessly working to realize their visions of SharePoint and this edition is well worth the effort! With new-gen mobile capabilities and intelligent intranets underway, read on to unravel all that’s new in SharePoint. Velan Info has a deep commitment to the latest and trending...