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Virtual Assistant To Manage Social Media Marketing: Why This Is The Best?

Posted by :Admin July 16,2020 Category : Virtual Assistants

Attending back-to-back meetings, networking events, consultations, viewings, etc is a hamster wheel for realtors in a single workweek. While you are doing justice to your physical meetings, it is only fair that you occupy your digital audience, equally. The truth is there is only so much that you can do and only so much you will be strong at. Unlike meeting your client in person, meeting ‘digitally’ requires an ideal strategy. This will decide their loyalty factor for you. As the...

9 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Building Mobile Applications

9 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Building Mobile application
Posted by :Admin July 08,2019 Category : Mobile Applications

There are thousands of mobile devices out there, with different screens, processors, software, and hardware. Regrettably, there are numerous ways your mobile app will fail on these devices. You should look at your Mobile Application Development process to ensure that you do not fail. Why mobile applications fail is because you have that magical idea, but your implementation fails. The global mobile app market will reach $188.9 billion in revenues in 2020 as per a Statista report. It is all but...

10 Key Reasons to Outsource Web Development

10 Key Reasons to Outsource Web Development
Posted by :Admin June 27,2019 Category : Software

More often than not, the development of a website and the necessity to contour a digital presence is closely akin to starting a new business or taking an existing business to a whole new level. A decade ago, an email address and a website ensured a premium touch to a business card. Now, a business card without a website raises a question over capability and credibility. Websites have become the resume’ of businesses today. Circumventing the need to actually visit the brick and mortar...

Points to Consider Before Choosing the Best Software Development Company

Points to Consider Before Choosing the Best Software Development Company
Posted by :Admin April 03,2019 Category : Software

Thanks to technology and the way we think today, you don’t really need a brick and mortar storefront to endorse a business. All you need is a website or software to contour your presence or help you automate. A well-structured website or software with commendable features can also give you a hand with marketing and nurturing of prospects. Making two friends with one gift now, are we? You may not necessarily know how you’d want your website or software to look like. There are several...


Posted by :Admin January 10,2019 Category : Bookkeeping

Tax laws have been constantly changing over the years. However, it is safe to say that it’s been over 30 years since there has been any significant change.  Read More: IMPORTANT TAX CHANGES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES  ...

5 Apprehensions Successful Businessmen Have When Hiring Virtual Assistants

Posted by :Admin August 06,2018 Category : Virtual Assistants

Hiring people for your business, whether it is a startup or a small business indicates you are in an expansion mode. The world is heading towards an online driven technology, which enables us to perform most of our activities virtually. We have Virtual Assistants, freelancers and independent workers taking over work from various locations at a reasonable cost. Let us analyze the reasons of why some smart businessmen find it difficult to hire VAs, and how they should go about it. 1. Know...

6 Insightful Tips on Power BI

Posted by :Admin August 03,2018 Category : Sharepoint,Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s tool that helps create awesome data visualizations and dashboard reports for business intelligence. You can retrieve relevant data from the cloud, or your premises to create dashboards that enable tracked details to drill in, or ask questions to help make informed business decisions using real-time data.  Create a visual display of services used Power BI offers an abundant number of content packs, templates and integrations for various apps, data services and...

Designing & Developing SharePoint Intranet Applications - Advantages

Posted by :Admin April 04,2018 Category : Sharepoint,Sharepoint

Being one of the most versatile document management platforms, SharePoint has evolved into an application with interactive features for Business Intelligence, CMS development, Performance Point services and Workflow generation. Insightful developers for sharepoint development services create custom built installations and support with this dynamic application.  Intranet Applications with SharePoint Platform Intranets journey, formerly known as the internal corporate network, over the last...

5 Steps to use Power BI Web Part for SharePoint

Posted by :Admin January 19,2018 Category : Sharepoint,Sharepoint

Power BI gives your SharePoint installation a much desired edge – useful insights and analytics that are as user-friendly & easy, as they are powerful. Microsoft’s team just kicked the usability up a notch by launching a web part to allow users easily embed Power BI reports into SharePoint! This post is all about exploring how organizations using SharePoint can leverage Microsoft’sPower BI Web part.We’re going to show you how to embed a Power BI app into a SharePoint...


Posted by :Admin December 21,2017 Category : Sharepoint

What’s new in SharePoint? Find your answers here. We’re going to quickly encapsulate the wondrous new additions unveiled during the recent SharePoint Virtual Summit. The guys at Microsoft are tirelessly working to realize their visions of SharePoint and this edition is well worth the effort! With new-gen mobile capabilities and intelligent intranets underway, read on to unravel all that’s new in SharePoint. Velan Info has a deep commitment to the latest and trending...


Posted by :Admin May 17,2017 Category : Sharepoint

Our decade-long journey of growing together with our clients! We at Velan, are quite caught up in the euphoria of celebrating the 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already. Our success story is composed of nothing but hard work and dedication that largely remains untold. So we thought we’d throw some light into our incredible journey so far. Velan’s inception in the year 2007 was indeed a memorable one. We started our journey with around 30...