Life Style Survey in the UK

Life Style Survey in the UK

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Case Studies - Life Style Survey in the UK

Scope of Service - Survey

The Client

Velan was chosen by a social research company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, offering customer benefit services by conducting lifestyle survey of the UK population.

The Campaign

This campaign is one of the largest lifestyle telephone survey ever undertaken in the UK. The survey asks questions about the respondents health (personal injury), payment protection insurance, building and contents insurance, life insurance and debt management. The data from the survey will be analyzed by the client to provide a comprehensive analysis of the lifestyle of the UK population. In turn this information will act as a significant guide for the future planning of lifestyle resources in UK.

The Approach

An entire section is dedicated to the campaign. The section has a capacity for 250 workstations and two offices. One office is dedicated to the Verification manager and the other office is designated for the two full-time Quality Control Managers assigned to the campaign. The campaign initially started with 25 agents and has been incrementally increased throughout the campaign. The Client provided the data that was then imported into the predictive dialer. Every call is recorded and archived throughout the process.

Velan was able to scope and initiate the campaign in ten days.

The Structure

Velan has a very structured approach to such campaigns and has assigned a complete project team headed by one of its Directors. The team consists of a dedicated Operations Manager in handling the day-to¬-day operations and issues liaising with the client. Staff and managers alike work to the Protocols, Procedures, and Compliance manual developed specifically for the campaign. On the floor there is a supervisor and team leader for every 15 agents. The campaign receives full ongoing support from Human Resources and IT.

The Results

Averages of 0.45 surveys were completed per hour per agent. The average completed interview time was slightly over 8 minutes. The ratio of completed surveys to calls made is under 1:6. Registered complaints came in around 0.02%, downtime 0.01%, and attrition around 4%. Deadlines are consistently met.